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Air Crew Escape Services





The client’s objective was to maximize the roof space on an outbuilding while capturing all applicable tax equity.

I worked with Ray and his company, OGW Energy Resources, on a solar array electrical generation system that was installed on my barn roof. They designed the system, obtained the required permits, and provided oversight on the installation. The system was installed in June 2013 and has been working great. I highly recommend them. -- Bob Billings, President | AirCrew Escape Services


OGW Energy Resources provided a complete turnkey solution with first tier bankable products and achieve the client’s goals through the utilization of a south and north roof. Both north and south array modules were fitted with optimizers making for a safer and more efficient overall system.


Met clients overall goals.
Estimated overall energy hedge return is within 4 ½ years.
Utilization with good and proven results of roof space not commonly associated a solar installation.
Fifty percent energy load reduction.