Turnkey Solutions

Enhance your cash flow with fiscally smart energy management solutions.



At OGW, we appreciate every opportunity to help our clients improve their cash flow, enhance productivity and safety, and demonstrate solid environmental conservation efforts. What sets us apart? We aren’t out to sell products—we improve operations so that our customers can gain an edge on their competition.

Our holistic approach is bolstered by proven experience in renewable and sustainable energy as well as the electric, aerospace, aviation, and project management fields. Our expertise provides an informed view of the big picture so that you gain a wider range of creative, tangible solutions.


Optimize Energy Consumption

We can help you optimize energy consumption and hedge against increased energy costs with a total energy analysis solution. From lighting to alternative energy sources to financing, we will design a comprehensive energy management package tailored specifically to your organization. Our proposals always include the hard data you need to make an informed decision, from anticipated costs to long-term payback projections. Not sure you can tackle it all at once? We’ll develop a phased approach that targets your top goals and introduces additional solutions based on time and financing.

Your needs are unique. We get that. We do not take a cookie cutter approach to our energy management plans, nor do we seek to sell a bunch of products cloaked as solutions. Our mission is to provide smart, fiscally feasible solutions that will increase your cash flow. Period.