City of Dayton Fire Stations

City of Dayton Fire Stations

LED Lighting Dayton


The city of Dayton looked to update their lighting to more energy efficient systems for their Fire Stations, Fire Training Center and Fire Department Headquarters.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the City of Dayton’s lighting needs once again.  The significant upgrades to each Fire Station’s lighting infrastructure will provide substantial energy- and cost-savings. Importantly, these upgrades improve illumination levels of these areas, and continue to enhance the safety of each site. -- R. Davis, President of OGW Energy Resources


OGW Energy Resources provided a lighting solution at the client’s Fire Stations, Garage and Training Center locations with the objective to maximize their energy savings with tier one products at a competitive price. OGW estimated a greater than 50% reduction in energy used for lighting, a 5 year net positive of $116,000 and a simple payback that was excluding subsidies of less than 2 years!


Environment: Clean usable equal light
Reduced electric load
Estimated Energy Savings: $34,265 per year