Invest In a Lighting Retrofit

Whether you own a small local business, or a large warehouse space, there can be many benefits to performing a large lighting retrofit project. Although the project may seem time consuming and expensive on the front end, the benefits will often outweigh the costs. If you have a good company like OGW Energy Resources, start by having them survey your property to determine the exact extent and necessity of a lighting retrofit. You may find that the benefits and savings greatly outweigh any upfront costs.

Lower Monthly Costs One of the greatest immediate benefits of a lighting retrofit is the reduced electrical bill once the retrofit is complete. In fact, many companies will save between 50-70% on their monthly lighting costs. Because of the large amount that most businesses spend on lighting, this savings can potentially be huge. By replacing older lighting systems with more efficient replacements, your monthly bills will be lower, your lights will last longer and your costs will reflect this. Newer fixtures not only run more efficiently and last longer; they also run much cooler than older lighting units. In fact, newer lighting bays typically run hundreds of degrees cooler than their outdated counterparts. Because if this, your employees will enjoy a more comfortable workspace, while you enjoy lower air conditioning costs.

Improved Lighting and Productivity In addition to the immediate cost savings, you will also benefit from improved lighting in your facility. Newer, more advanced fixtures can greatly affect the lighting conditions in any building. As a result, your crews will work more safely and productively. This is especially beneficial in warehouse environments, where accuracy and safety can make or break your business on a day-to-day basis.

Tax Incentives Another great reason to look into a lighting retrofit today is to take advantage of current tax rebates and other incentives. Largely due to the push to improve energy efficiency throughout to country, there are many programs available that make performing a lighting retrofit a very cost-effective endeavor. To compound the possible tax savings that are available, there are also many rebate and incentive programs available from your utility companies. Talk with OGW Energy Resources about any and all available rebates and incentive programs.

By working with OGW to update the lighting in your building, you are taking a step toward increasing your energy efficiency and overall footprint. This small step benefits not only your wallet (in the form of your monthly expenses), but also all of those that work for you, and the environment. When you combine all of the positive aspects of lighting retrofits, such as safety, savings, productivity and environmental friendliness, the up-front costs seem much less prohibitive. Furthermore, taking actions such as these is a great opportunity for you to position yourself as a leader in your industry. Take the first step to increase your efficiency and you will reap benefits all around.