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Financially Sound Choice

Financially Sound Choice

As lighting can account for nearly 40% of a utility bill for a warehouse, tennis facility or distribution center, more Facility Managers, CFO’s and Maintenance Directors are exploring ways to reduce their expenses. As LED pricing continues to drop, the simple ROI for replacing traditional HID or fluorescent lighting with smart LED technology is providing a faster payback.


Long-Term Maintenance Costs

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One of the key benefits of making the change to LEDs is the lower maintenance costs. In high bay applications, changing out lamps and ballasts can include material, labor, and expensive equipment rental including booms and scissor lifts. LEDs have a significantly longer lifespan and require fewer replacements over a 10 year period.



Due to the safety and environmental concerns of compact fluorescent lighting, it can cost up to $1.50 per lamp for proper insured EPA compliant disposal. LEDs do not contain mercury and pose less risk in releasing harmful mercury and other toxins.  Also, more than 95% of an LED bulb is recyclable.


Smart Lighting Solutions

When incorporating LEDs with new wireless lighting controls, energy costs can be reduced by 70%.  This includes methods such as occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting and task tuning.

Making the move from HID or fluorescent to LED makes sense when seeking ways to reduce energy costs and other expenses. Whether the facility is a warehouse, industrial complex, distribution center, tennis facility, school or office space, facility managers are benefiting from switching to smart lighting solutions.

OGW Energy Resources offers creative lighting solutions that offer significant savings.