Midwestern Solar Solution

Midwestern Solar Solution

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By way of distributed on-site energy generation, the client wanted to off-set their energy costs and hedge against future grid price increase. Solar was a better selection for them versus wind and a hybrid lease model fit their needs better versus a Power-Purchase Agreement.

We are proud to offer our clients solutions that fit their needs while being fiscally responsible and maximizing their net cash flow -- K. Mader, Vice President of OGW Energy Resources


Engineered turnkey solutions with tier one manufacturers fully engaged with OGW Strong tax equity
Taking control of an unknown expense and managing a portion of it for years to come OGW is at the forefront of innovation


The OGW Energy Resources solar solution gave the client $600,000 in year one tax equity, a strong benefit over a cash purchase and 21 out of 25 year net positive versus aggregated grid costs.


Environment: Clean energy
Reduced electric load
Hedge against future energy increases
Reduction in peak demand costs
Strong tax equity within the first 6 years
Unburdened after year 7
Nearly every warranted year is net positive versus the grid