OGW Acquires Distribution Rights In Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia Kentucky and Western New York for all Enertech Products

Press Release Source: OGW Energy Resources, Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tipp City, Ohio—OGW Energy Resources is pleased to announce we have expanded our relationship with Enertech for their new and quality refurbished turbines. There are very few companies in the world that have a wind turbine history that exceeds 30 years, Enertech is such a company. Enertech’s rich history started in 1977 and is considered one of the pioneering companies in all of renewable energy. We are very pleased to expand our relationship with Enertech and are excited to offer their new flagship turbine the 44a and forthcoming E-13. It is our strong opinion that these turbines are the best 40kW turbine on the market and is ideal for agricultural, school, commercial or industrial applications. Of particular note and where applicable, the 44a is considered as eligible equipment under the Advanced Energy Fund grant program in the state of Ohio. Our Dealers and end-users have historically relied on OGW as their partner in renewable energy. It is our passion to bring the finest products to this emerging marketplace and we are proud to have Enertech as one of our renewable energy solutions partners.

About Enertech The Power of Wind...... Enertech® wind turbines are some of the most popular and successful wind turbines ever produced. There are virtually thousands of these systems installed throughout the world. Enertech turbines produce electrical energy from a clean, and renewable energy source, and can greatly reduce electrical expenses for homes, farms, businesses, schools and more.

About OGW OGW Energy Resources (website: http://ogwenergyresources.com/), is an American renewable energy wholesale distribution, installation and service company currently supplying lighting, wind, PV solar, solar thermal, fuel cell, power inverter, generators and geothermal products. We represent many of the highest quality manufacturers directly with exclusivity in either the Midwest, or North and Central America. Our manufacturing partners are the leaders in Sustainable and Alternative Energy, and provide our clients with proven field tested equipment. Whatever your needs for your residence, business, school or community, Ohio Green Wind has the Alternative Energy solution that will meet your goals. A note from the owners of OGW Energy Resources, currently the top three renewable energy distributors are foreign owned. We ask that for your next renewable energy project insist on 100% American Distribution. Keep more American tax dollars and subsidies in America and in the heartland. Insist on OGW Energy Resources for your next project partner.