Preferred Partner of Mitsubishi Electronic Solar Photovoltaic Division

OGWMitsubishi Electric

OGW's Value and Commitment


OGW Energy Resources (‘OGW’) of Tipp City, Ohio is a Preferred Partner of Mitsubishi Electric’s US, Inc.’s Photovoltaic Division (‘PVD’). Due it its long-standing registered partnership with PVD, OGW enjoys a special status within our organization not extended to any other partner in Ohio.” –Mitsubishi Electric, Photovoltaic Division

Mitsubishi Electric recognizes and greatly values OGW’s long and strong history in the renewable energy industry, coupled with its deep understanding of renewable technologies, project management, and customer focus. It is for this reason that OGW also receives the full support of PVD’s in-house resources, including Engineering, Marketing, Customer Support, and product Research & Development.“  –Mitsubishi Electric, Photovoltaic Division