Wind Energy

Reduce your electric bill and your carbon footprint.




Wind energy systems are environmentally smart and cost-effective, and they can have a big impact in shrinking your electric bill and your carbon footprint.

Learn more about how we’ve helped homeowners harness the wind to power their home (link to case studies), and contact us to discover how you can, too.


Not sure if wind energy is right for you?


Backed by proven experience working on wind projects of all sizes, our team will ask the right questions to make sure wind is the best solution for you.
Our recommendations are backed by solid research based on the project site, your project goals, and your long-term needs. We partner with the nation’s leading turbine manufacturers to provide the highest performing, must durable equipment to reduce your energy costs.


If our research indicates wind isn’t the best, most economical solution for you, we’ll help you find alternative options that will cut your utility costs. We’ll even research any tax incentives or rebates that may be available for reducing your carbon footprint. It’s all part of our vision to be advocates for our customers’ energy well-being.