Solar Distributed Generation, Manage Your Own Energy

Businesses and consumers are paying more attention to their energy usage more than ever before. Investing in distributed generation, such as solar has a direct correlation to a business’ bottom line and a consumer’s financial well being.  Both businesses and consumers attitude toward distributed generation and energy saving investments have slowly changed towards a long term perspective. For many businesses the mind set has shifted from short term energy saving projects to a longer term investment with greater risk control of their energy budget.  Based on the EIA, energy costs are on the rise in the United States.   Companies can reduce and invest with great returns which allow them to use these savings for growth.  The old mind set of energy being an expense that companies routinely pay monthly without looking into ways to reduce energy are over.  These changes are not exclusive to California or New Jersey.  In the Midwest and states like Ohio, companies are taking control of their sources of energy and are producing a portion of their needs on site (distributed generation).  This mental paradigm shift has spurred the growth in the Midwest solar industry.  Solar developers like Ohio’s, OGW Energy Resources have worked with savvy business and property owners where PPA’s, Solar Leases or an upfront investment is the right solution for them. Consumers are also looking at ways to not only reduce short term energy usage, such as installing energy efficient LED lighting, heating and cooling and appliances but taking steps in producing energy on their property through Solar PV and/or Solar Thermal (hot water).  The added benefits are energy independence and property value increase. Whether you are a business or consumer the short and long term benefit of controlling part or all of your energy has rewarding benefits for a whole host of obvious reasons.  Mike Flora, Vice President of Technical Sales for OGW Energy Resources, says, “Being able to produce your energy onsite or at your residence really gives you peace of mind…..especially when the cost of energy is on the rise.”   “We can structure a system for you that make financial sense.”