12.6kW Solar Installation in Dayton Ohio


Location:                                            Montgomery County, Ohio

Type of Installation:                            Residential

Solar Modules:                                41 LG 375W NeON R Modules

Solar Inverters:                               41 Enphase IQ7A Microinverters

Racking:                                             Rooftop Mounted Racking System

Environmental Offset: 

The estimated annual production of this system is 22-megawatt hours annually, conservatively.  This is equivalent to about 15.6 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide produced by:

  • 1,760 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 2 barrels of oil consumed
  • 17,287 of coal burned
  • 1,902,567 smartphones charged

This is equivalent to carbon sequestered by 19.2 acres of US forest in one year!

Residential Solar Dayton Ohio

This family requested information on going solar, with the potential for possible battery backup in the future.  We were able to provide them the information they needed for their 12.6kW solar installation in Dayton, Ohio and they chose to move forward.

Their monocrystalline solar panels are warrantied by LG for 25 years for workmanship and output. Durability, performance, and return on investment, along with a battery-ready system!  A win-win situation!

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