A New Year is Coming

The calendar is about to flip over to 2024.  A New Year is coming – a fresh start, new beginnings, a whole new chance.  We are starting to review the past year and think about what we could have done differently and how we can move forward in a better, more positive way.

It’s also a great time to think about how much you spent on your electric bills last year.  With the ever-rising prices of energy these days, the likelihood of spending less in the coming year is pretty slim.  Unless….

Solar energy comes to mind.  Harnessing the sun’s rays to power your home is a great idea.  Think about what that would do to your power bill, especially now that we are headed into the coldest months of the year.

Is Solar FREE?

Contrary to some of the misleading advertising you see from other solar companies, it does cost money to install a solar array on your property.  Of course, it does.  However, if it is done the right way, with the proper amount of solar panels for your needs, your return on investment will occur in less time than you think.  If you also consider that energy prices will continually rise, you will indeed come out on top.

15+ Years Experience Turnkey Installation

OGW Energy Resources is one of the oldest solar installers in the Midwest, having been in business for over 15 years.  We take care of it all, offering you a turnkey service using quality products, unlike marketing companies who contract out your solar construction to the lowest bidder.  We are preferred installers for several quality solar manufacturers, such as Enphase and REC.  And, we have never installed a solar panel made by a company that went out of business.

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Elegant 14.4 kW solar array installed on a new South facing roof

14.4 kW Solar Array Tipp City, OH


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