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OGW Energy Resources offers turnkey solutions that can connect your home, business or farm with the power of green energy. We work closely with our customers to help them achieve their goals using the most efficient technologies. From photovoltaics to wind turbines to LED conversions, we have been meeting the needs of our customers for years.



We are based in Tipp City, Ohio, and our owners are involved in the management of the company on a daily basis. You will always deal with someone who cares about your complete satisfaction.



Not only will we be there for you during the installation, but you can count on us afterwards for prompt service.



Since 2009, we have been meeting our customers’ energy goals and can do the same for you. Need proof? Just ask our customers.

Your energy. Your future.

Control it!

Your energy.

Your future.

Control it!

Why OGW Energy Resources?

See what our clients have to say about us

Solar array at Ohio Caverns

After generating electricity for 20 months, this solar array proves to be on track for Ohio Caverns’s financial goals. Eric Evans, the owner of Ohio Caverns, shares how much money he saves with this solar array from OGW Energy Resources.

Testimonial from Grismer Tire Company

OGW Energy Resources has worked with Grismer Tire Company to help them to find innovative ways to cut energy consumption and increase profitability. Matt McCormick, partner and store supervisor, finds multiple benefits from using high efficiency LEDs in their stores.

The Sun Is Cooling Bob's House

Even on the hottest days in summer, Bob’s house is cooled by his OGW solar array – an array that we installed on his barn roof so it can’t even be seen from the street. He loves those summer days when his electric meter runs backwards – which means he’s banking energy for the dark days of winter.

Lighting at Schroeder Tennis

When Bud Schroeder wanted to add a second indoor tennis court to Schroder Tennis Center, he knew that lighting was critical – not only for the playability of the courts, but to his bottom line. That’s why he contacted the lighting experts at OGW Energy Solutions. OGW engineered a lighting solution that met the needs of the players perfectly. In the video, you’ll notice ceiling lighting that appears to upside down – pointing toward the ceiling. This minimizes the glare that players would experience when looking up to, say, serve or to return a high lob. And the bottom line – Bud’s experiencing savings that add up every year the new courts are in use.

J Ross

Outstanding system and outstanding service.  These guys know solar and sized the system perfectly for what I needed.  Their customer service is customer oriented and they listen to their customers before determining a solution.  I highly recommend this company.

D Dye

Okay, so you are looking around (like me) for a company that has great service, a competitive price, knows the technical details of what they are selling, and will look out for your interests. Basically you need to trust these guys. After running many companies through the ringer of my 5 page requirements document (you should have seen the looks I got), OGW was excited about the project and stood alone with the highest level of trust I could have asked for. Obviously my installation was a little more than a typical home installation with PV solar to grid, service and panel upgrades and NG generator installation. These guys are fellow engineers like me and bring that full level of professionalism to the effort. Don’t listen to those guys who beg you for your utility bill so they can run a quote through their canned program and give you the sales pitch about how they are the best. OGW really is the best in the area. Incredibly professional and honest.

Thomas Fares

We were searching for a solar installer company in Ohio, to install a residential PV, and battery backup system in our home. We had already chosen Enphase as the component manufacturer. We contacted them for installer recommendations, and they offered OGW. We contacted them, and Ray was very knowledgeable, and did not try to upsell us more than we needed. We are incredibly happy with our system, which has been in operation now for 6 months. Also, as a note, I do believe that this was the first Enphase battery system that OGW had installed, and they made sure that went smoothly as well, and my township building inspector made a couple last minute “changes” that he wanted but couldn’t backup with code requirements, and OGW made him happy quickly to get our system up and running.
Thanks to everyone at OGW. Incredibly professional and honest.

Samuel Branson

We are very glad to have called OGW. The system works great. Everyone was a pleasure to work with, and they did work. Later We plan on having a battery added to the solar system. We definitely will call OGW again. Incredibly professional and honest.

Melissa Recht

OGW spent a great deal of time with us discussing solar panels for our roof. Kevin answered all of my questions and provided tons of information. Ultimately we decided not to get them, based on Kevin’s advice after visiting our property. Our city code would not allow us to place the panels on the sunny front of the house, and Kevin and Mike and the crew were honest and straightforward with us and let us know that we wouldn’t get our return on investment if they were placed in our shadier back yard. It says a lot about this company that they were willing to lose our business so as not to promise something that wouldn’t really work for us. I truly appreciate the integrity that OGW showed in honestly assessing our needs. Kevin was willing to go the extra mile to help us try to figure out different placements and configurations if we still wanted to get them, but in the end we took his advice and held off on panels. However, if we ever move to a home where solar panels would be a good return on investment, we know who to call! Incredibly professional and honest.

Richard Chapleau

These guys are great.  Incredibly professional and honest.  After investing a significant amount of time with me (several hours on the project), they provided an honest assessment that my house wouldn’t be ideal because of the amount of renovation required to bring a 1970’s electric home into code for solar.  Instead of just making a quick buck, Nate and Ray took the time to understand my needs and goals and provide honest feedback.  10 stars for being exceptional human beings!

Judy Buehler

OGW Energy Resources did an awesome job for us. They got the solar panels, permits, installed the solar and had us up an running in a month. We couldn’t believe how quickly they got it done. Ray, Kevin and Mike thanks for everything. We are happy with your services and the products you installed. Incredibly professional and honest.

Bob Zugelder

We have had OGW Energy Resources install two systems at both of the businesses we own and from the initial consultation to the completion of the installs they were very professional and pleasant to work with. The installation crew did a great job and we highly recommend them if you are considering having solar installed at your business or home.  Incredibly professional and honest.

Lisa Miller

We had a terrific experience with OGW! Out of the gate they provided a tremendous amount of information around going solar. They very much wanted to help us understand all aspects of having a solar array and were eager to engage in extended discussion about the same. Quote process was easy and thorough. OGW did NOT try to over-size the array which we experienced with other outfits. In addition, OGW promotes top-quality panels and inverters. Installation came off without a hitch and the array is working perfectly. OGW coordinated with our builder and electrician as needed, handling all paperwork, permits, and engagement with our electric utility provider. It was a true turn-key purchase with no hidden costs.
If you are considering solar, OGW needs to be on your short-list. Incredibly professional and honest.

Joe Weaver

OGW made our experience with the design and install of our new solar array seamless. I had an opportunity to meet each member of the team and the integrity of the group is legit. From working with April in the beginning I knew this would be a good fit. The management team understands customer service and Mike sealed the deal with his get it done mentality and A+ install team. Thank you OGW! Incredibly professional and honest.

James Dienst

Came strongly recommended by a close neighbor. Very professional and courteous team that does excellent work. Easy to communicate with, zero sales pressure and always available for questions. Highly recommend this ‘locally-owned’ company!  Incredibly professional and honest.

Dan McNerney

OGW Energy Resources completely refurbished two manufacturing facilities from fluorescent to LED lighting. Their service was excellent and their pricing beat all the competitors quotes. Payback on this project is under two years with an estimated savings over a $1000 per month. OGW is a great company to work with, and I highly recommend their services. Incredibly professional and honest.

Jessica Cook

We spent a few months speaking with companies and doing research before choosing OGW. From the beginning it was obvious they weren’t trying to oversell us and wanted us to pick the best solar array for our needs, not the biggest and most expensive unit for them to profit from. Install went well, 1.5 days, and we were up and running. It is so fun to watch the Enphase app show the solar energy production in real time! Duke did give us a few hiccups along the way, changing what they did or did not want, but OGW quickly responded and we are now net metered and enjoying our green energy. Highly recommend.

Dirk Pruis

Ray Davis at OGW Energy Resources is as good as it gets when it comes to solar knowledge, high quality design, installation and customer focus. There is a wide variety and mixture of quality when it comes to technical capabilities among installers you can choose. Invest in a quality installer that you can trust to design and deliver products from companies that will be around as long as your system will be. For most buyers, this is a daunting purchase to understand and make all the right decisions. Ray will be a great partner and help you make the right decisions. Incredibly professional and honest.

Tonia Wallace

We researched and got quotes from several different companies before deciding to hire OGW Energy Resources to install our grid-tied solar panel system. We went with them because they offer the very best equipment available and they get great reviews. We were not disappointed. They did a great job on the installation, were professional and were a really nice group of guys to work with. This month we got our first negative energy bill! Thanks for everything guys!  Incredibly professional and honest.

Cathy Link

We had talked to a different solar company first and were not happy with the results. We then contacted OGW and were very impressed. We decided to go with OGW to produce 100% of our energy. OGW was very professional, punctual and kept us informed of the progress the whole way through. They did everything they promised and were outstanding. We will recommend them to everyone. Keep up the excellent work, OGW!

Mark Stella

OGW was the solar company our family used after a long search. We felt that they were the most honest with us and really knew their products. The system went up fast with no problems. I would recommend this company to anyone interested in energy saving systems. I hope to do more projects with them in the future, it was that easy. Thanks, Mark Stella

K. Betts

“Good People & Great Company”

We found OGW Energy Resources through Energy Sage, our lucky day.

They took the time to answer our countless questions, explaining not selling. Since our electric provider is a co-op, they worked with us to size the system to best meet our needs. We used high efficiency panels and they installed them on the preferred portion of our roof.

During the process, we dealt with all three principals of OGW at various times, they are good people and deliver a great service.

Don Rogers

We had decided earlier this year that we wanted to have a solar energy system installed on our house. We didn’t know where to find a competent firm to work with so we Googled and came up with a couple of companies that serve our area. For some reason, we initially missed seeing OGW as a local alternative. After finding OGW and learning of their offerings, it became apparent that they stand head and shoulders above the rest. Their points of difference stand out:

1. The firm is locally owned and the owners have a very direct hands-on involvement in designing a system and following the project through to completion. We had an installation deadline that we hoped to meet and OGW made a concerted effort to accommodate us and met our deadline with ease.

2. OGW personnel display an above average knowledge of the intricacies of solar energy. Their experience in the industry is apparent.

3. OGW designed a system that was far superior in generating the most energy for the dollar spent.

4. OGW designed our system to accommodate future developments in solar energy, such as battery storage options.

We do not hesitate to give OGW a five star rating.

"An investment worth it!"

We considered solar panels for many years. Using renewable energy is not only better for the environment, but also a smart choice financially. Not until we met the team at OGW Energy Resources did we decide to take the plunge. Before them, there just wasn’t anyone in the area who could present the process and explain the benefits like they could.

The entire project was remarkably effortless. It began with an initial meeting with the owners to discuss preliminary data followed by a few site visits to finalize the details. Not long after, the crew was on site installing the solar arrays. It seemed we were up and running in no time at all!

We are more than pleased by our decision to use OGW Energy Resources. From concept to completion, each team member was knowledgeable, attentive, professional and honest. I highly recommend their services.

"OGW was great to work with."

OGW was great to work with. From the quote all the way through installation. I had a tight budget and they worked with me to come up with the best solution for the money. They gave me all the pros and cons so I could make the best decision. They handled everything from permits to inspections to approval from DPL. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for renewable energy.

"Go solar with OGW Energy Resources"

From the beginning what caught my attention with OGW Energy Resources was that they offered quality monocrystalline solar modules, inverters, and racking. They seemed to be in the business of offering the best solution for the customer, not the most profitable one for their business. And I am very happy that I moved forward with OGW. They not only provided quality components but quality service. They stayed in touch, answered my questions, and quickly responded with a new quote to meet my needs. The array was installed in one day.

Margaret Pfarr

From the beginning what caught my attention with OGW Energy Resources was that they offered quality monocrystalline solar modules, inverters, and racking. They seemed to be in the business of offering the best solution for the customer, not the most profitable one for their business. And I am very happy that I moved forward with OGW. They not only provided quality components but quality service. They stayed in touch, answered my questions, and quickly responded with a new quote to meet my needs. The array was installed in one day.

Seth J.

OGW recently finished a residential PV system design/installation for me. I was very impressed with the time they took to design the system for my needs / location and presented me with a couple options depending on what I thought my future requirements might be.
Much thought and research goes into the products they install and they gladly explained their process for determining which to use in different scenarios.
I appreciated the constant communication during the project, even during periods of waiting for materials to arrive or weather to cooperate. They easily navigated all the various permits and utility agreements for me as well.
Installation went very well – they took great care of my property while they were there and quickly worked out a few post-installation kinks.
I am very glad I chose OGW for this project – design, communication, products, and installation are all top notch. I wouldn’t hesitate to support this local business again.

Eric Evans

OGW Energy Resources was simply fabulous! OGW installed a solar PV system at our place of business (Ohio Caverns). From engineering to installation to post consultation our expectations and communication were exceeded. We not only recommend but highly recommend OGW for high quality Solar Modules, Quality Racking, Efficient Inverters with free monitoring and top high quality installers.


The Shelby County Commissioners and the NCO Solid Waste Management District utilized OGW Energy Resources (OGW) to develop and install a a 45kw state of the art solar power system at the Shelby County Recycling Center in Sidney Ohio. OGW is an outstanding renewable energy company. Our experience using OGW was fantastic. Ray Davis and his team were professional, prompt, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. The project was completed on time and on budget. The system is performing flawlessly and is saving real money for the Shelby County Commissioners.

Working with OGW made tackling this project very satisfying. They went out of their way to make sure we understood all aspects of the project from start to finish. They even spent the time to make themselves available for an open house for the recycling center to celebrate the new solar power system and to provide details on how the systems works to our guests. We highly recommend OGW to anyone interested in developing renewable energy project such as solar or wind. They also are very well versed in energy efficient lighting systems and retrofits.

Bud Schroeder

OGW Energy Resources Installed energy efficient new lighting at my business and did a great job from start to finish. Great service, great price, and very professional and easy to work with!

Angela Davis

OGW did some lighting retro fit in my office a couple years ago. The job was done with no interruption to my daily operations. They were professional, efficient and left my office in better condition than they found it. I would recommend OGW and their staff to anyone.

Jon Glaser

OGW Energy Resources is the most professional solar and lighting organization that I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve worked with their team for years and their knowledge, expertise and follow-up is second to none. I absolutely give OGW Energy Resources my highest recommendation for solar and lighting.

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