The solar industry is littered with “bad actors” so avoiding solar scams upfront when starting your search for solar is important.

The ads jump out at you, don’t they?  They scream “Free Solar”, “Get Paid Thousands to Go Solar”, “See if you’re eligible for the (insert your town here) subsidy” and “Go Solar for $0 Down”.  That’s pretty enticing, especially in today’s market.  Given the fact that energy prices have skyrocketed recently, everyone is looking for a way to keep costs down, and “Free Solar” sounds great, doesn’t it?  Well, if it sounds too good to be true, it more than certainly is.

Free solar see if you qualify

It’s little wonder people are considering solar for their homes and businesses.  But although the demand has increased, so have the number of companies offering solar panel installations.  There seem to be quite a few companies who have popped up out of thin air, ready to offer you the answer to all of your problems.  How in the world do you pick a good installer, with so many options available?

The solar industry, like any other industry, has had it’s share of bad actors.  Pink Energy (AKA Power Home Solar) shut down in September 2022 and filed for bankruptcy a while after.  A national company, they were known for preying on clients with unsavory sales tactics, subpar material, and untrained labor among other things.  There are horror stories of individuals who were coerced into purchasing a system that was well oversized and overpriced, some who would not ever see the return on their investment.

Avoiding solar scamsBuyer beware avoiding solar scams

Another, more local company that shares about the same story is Solar Is Freedom (AKA American Dream Solar).  Last spring, they suddenly announced that they would be shutting their doors to reorganize and would return in a few weeks.  A few months later, they announced their bankruptcy.

It is horrifying reading the Better Business Bureau complaints on both companies.  Both left clients in various stages of installation and/or disrepair.  Both made promises to the moon and back that they did not fulfill.  Both companies continued to sell solar to individuals and taking their money, knowing full well that the company was coming to an end and that these people would not ever see their projects started, much less completed.

Look around, do your research.  There are many companies out there who will gladly take your money, promise you a negative utility bill, and then throw up the cheapest equipment on your roof, being sure to load it up with as many panels as can legally fit so that they can charge you top dollar.  These same companies never pick up the phone when you need some assistance after installation.  You can find out a lot about a company by viewing their complaints on the Better Business Bureau site, reading their reviews on various sites, or simply by checking in with your Attorney General’s office or the Department of Consumer Protection.  Avoiding solar scams is so important!

That is where OGW Energy Resources is different. OGW is one of the oldest solar installers in the Midwest, having been in business over 16 years.  We take care of it all, offering you a turnkey service using quality products.  We are preferred installers for several quality solar manufacturers, such as Enphase and REC.  And we have never put a panel on a roof made by a company that has gone out of business.

We take pride in maintaining a good reputation and relationship with our clients.  We believe our customers deserve the best in quality and in services and we strive to provide this.

OGW Energy Resources is always available to answer any questions or address any difficulties you may encounter. We believe it is important to make sure you have the most accurate information and the highest quality products offered.  Please contact us today to start a conversation about going solar, and what it means for you!

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