This 63kW ground mount solar installation located in Van Wert, Ohio will help this commercial farming operation offset their energy.

Location:                                            Van Wert, Ohio

Type of Installation:                           Agricultural

Solar Modules:                                152 LG 415W 72-cell Bifacial

Solar Inverters:                               152 Enphase IQ7A Microinverters

Racking:                                             Ground Mounted Racking System

Environmental Offset: 

The estimated annual production of this system is 104-megawatt hours annually, conservatively.  This is equivalent to about 73.9 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide produced by:

  • 8,317 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 171 barrels of oil consumed
  • 81,698 of coal burned
  • 8,991,287 smartphones charged

63 kW Solar Ground Mount

This seasonal adjusted ground mounted installation was recently installed in Van Wert, Ohio.  This was an agricultural installation incorporating agrivoltaics.  Read more

LG Solar’s NeON 2 BiFacial modules have a transparent backsheet that enables reflected light to be absorbed by the cells. In addition, the cells in each module have a symmetrical structure designed to capture both front and rear irradiance, maximizing energy production.

Using highly efficient bifacial cell “NeON”, LG NeON® 2 BiFacial generates more power even when it snows for this solar installation in Van Wert, Ohio.  Impressive!

Finally, these N-type monocrystalline solar panels are warrantied by LG for 25 years, meaning that this installation will continue to provide a large amount of power for quite some time!

We were able to provide quality service and products designed with safety and consumption in mind, as we always do!

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