This is the year to cut costs for your company by installing a commercial solar system. The reasons are compelling.

  1. Solar Pays. Your system will pay for itself over time and will qualify for government incentives and depreciation.
  2. Now Is The Time. High incentives and low installation costs make this a great time to install solar. Government incentives will decrease after this year.
  3. Demand Charges. Commercial solar reduces your baseline kWh consumption and your monthly demand charges. You’ll save up to 80 percent on your electric bill.
  4. Energy Forecasting. You will be able to predict energy costs to a more certain degree.
  5. A Solar Asset.  A photovoltaic system increases the value of your business.
  6. The Competitive Hedge. Solar provides a hedge against large monthly energy bills and gives you a competitive edge through avoided costs.
  7. Brand Enhancement. Being a green business is not just financially sound but also differentiates your company from your competition.

Major Corporations Install Commercial Solar

Being a green company has made sense for Procter & Gamble, Anheuser Busch, Kimberly Clark, Walmart, Cisco, Bank of America, Apple, Google, Wells Fargo, Intel, Microsoft, Mars, T-Mobile, General Mills, Boeing and many more companies.

Companies like these did strict due diligence. They moved towards the fiscally sound choice of renewable energy. In general, you’ll decrease your expenses on a never-ending sunk cost and improve profitability for 30 years or more. That gives you a competitive edge with the ability to enhance your brand by showing environmental stewardship.  Learn more about installing solar for your business. 


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