To avoid higher maintenance costs, reduce energy costs for years to come, and qualify for a rebate, now is the time to replace your T12 lighting. T8s will become the baseline for energy-efficient lighting upgrades, meaning smaller, if any, rebates for retrofitting popular T12 lighting systems. The U.S. Department of Energy mandated that lighting manufacturers halt production of T12 fluorescent lamps as of July 2012.

As a result, businesses that haven’t replaced their T12 lighting and ballasts face increased maintenance costs due to an increasingly limited supply.

Why Choose NOW to Upgrade Lighting?

  • Newer lighting systems are more efficient and reduce your ongoing energy costs by as much as 45 percent
  • Avoid higher maintenance costs as supply of T12 lamps depletes
  • New systems offer better light quality, longer life, quieter operation, and less unwanted heat
  • Improve ambience, boost productivity, and help ensure the safety of your employees
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