This client, located in Piqua, Ohio, contacted OGW Energy Resources lighting division for a commercial LED lighting solution.  The lighting at their facility was so dark and outdated this Piqua, Ohio company decided to improve their lighting and reap the savings for years to come.

Existing Plant Lighting
T8 Fluorescent Fixtures
5 Foot Candles

LED Lighting Installation

LED Lighting Installation

The Illuminating Engineers Society recommends 10 to 20-foot candles in general warehousing and 30 to 50-foot candles in steel shearing and rolling operations.

OGW Energy Resources Solution
Install 265 Watt High Bay Fixtures
33 Foot Candles

The new commercial LED lighting system is designed to last 4 times as long as the T8 fluorescent system (30,000 hours). This will not only save money on lamp/ballast replacement over the years but also the labor to make those replacements.

The LED fixture meets all national standards and has a rated life of operation at 122,000 hours with at least 70% of initial lumen output.

OGW engineered a lighting solution that met the needs of this client and provided less than 3 year payback.

This Piqua, Ohio client will experience electricity savings that will add up every year bust most importantly will be able to see what they are manufacturing. OGW Commercial Lighting

Commercial LED Lighting

LED lighting view top of crane

OGW Energy Resources from start to finish preformed the best solution possible within budget.  Motion sensors were utilized to prolong fixture life and decrease the payback on the LED lighting upgrade.

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