Without warning our grid crumbles. How long will you be without electricity? Are you prepared? Will it be hours like we are so accustomed to? Was there a storm, a blown transformer or something worse? Is it true that once the national transformer inventory is depleted that the lead time for new transformers can be up to 3 years? This is not a concern originated by OGW Energy Resources. The stability of the grid is a concern of the United States government sited in commissioned report after commissioned report.

Electricity is something you do not notice until it’s gone. We are so used to flipping a switch and watching the lights come on, running an air conditioner and feeling the cold air, and trusting that your refrigerator will keep food fresh.

Crumble Grid Electricity OutageNo electricity for an extended period of time creates problems that most families have failed to prepare for. Much of your food will go bad, no cell phone service, water, and local markets / restaurants will close their doors for business. Do you have extra fuel for your generator? Will you even be able to get fuel? Do you have a generator? The price of any type of generator will skyrocket and if you are so lucky enough to have one are you ready to guard it?

When the power goes out the sense of comfort goes out also. Will you be able to quickly adapt to what we once knew of as life in the past? Will you be able to have enough food, water, protection etc?

Puerto Rico should serve as a wakeup call for all Americans! Preparedness is not paranoia. Preparedness prior to any event is smart.

Cell phones, pumps, filtration and our basic sewage needs will be down until electricity can be restored to the buildings and towers. The lack of electricity is a literal life-and-death issue! Casualties can be expected from heat stroke, hypothermia, dehydration, and bacterial sickness among others.

Is your family prepared? If at this point you are saying to yourself what can we do? In many cases, OGW Energy Resources can provide you with a sensible Electric and Water Preparedness package designed to last month’s not days. A system designed so that you don’t have to worry about getting fuel so that you have water and other life saving necessities.

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