Well, winter is here once again, bringing with it the usual blasts of cold and snow that it always does. With the annual arrival of the cold, you might find yourself saying to yourself, “Yes, I have been thinking about installing solar panels on my home, but do solar panels work in winter snow?” This is a very logical question that deserves a logical answer.

As a matter of fact, solar panels happen to work quite well when it’s cold outside. The cooler temperatures actually help the solar module performance. As long as the sun’s solar rays are getting to the surface of the panel, it will continue to produce electricity. Now, since the panels need sunlight to “do their job,” if they are covered with snow, the sun’s rays cannot get through, and the snow needs to be removed. Of course, you could wait until the snow melts, or simply slides off on its own, but that takes a little time, and do you really want to do that? The best solution would be to use a snow rake, being careful to purchase one that is safe to use with solar panels, one that will not scratch or damage them as the snow is removed.

So, whether you live here in Ohio, or in another state (or country) where winter truly is winter, you don’t need to worry about the cold interfering with your decision to go solar. Go for it. You’ll be glad you did!

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