All I want is a Enphase Ensemble battery for Christmas.

Santa will soon be coming to Ohio, so get those Ohio Christmas lists ready!  If you need some ideas, here’s one – a gift for the entire Ohio household that will continue to bring joy for years to come is a brand-new Enphase Ensemble battery for Christmas.

Are you familiar with the Enphase Ensemble battery system?

Enphase Battery

Enphase Battery Backup

Enphase offers an all-in-one solar and storage system, integrating all components on a single software platform.  This means a uniquely versatile system with universal communication and optimized functionality.  Not only are you producing clean, renewable energy, you get to store it as well!

What happens when the power goes out?  With traditional, grid-tied solar systems your array will stop producing when there is a power outage…even if the sun is still shining!  With Enphase storage, when the grid is down, you have power.  And when the grid is up, you can save money.

Depending on the Encharge battery capacity, Ensemble system can either provide whole home backup power or simply back up those selected load items such as lights, refrigerator, internet router and other essential equipment for daily needs.  So, if the power goes out, you can continue to keep your home warm and safe!

Doesn’t this sound like a gift that you and your family deserve?  If you would like more information on the Enphase Ensemble system, please contact us right away!

We are the best in the Midwest!  With over 14 years of installing solar our staff stands ready to educate, engineer and provide a high quality system that will provide green energy for your family.

OGW Energy Resources, the partners and the entire staff, with all of you and your beloved ones a very Merry Christmas, full of blessings and warmth!

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