Installing Solar Takes Time

When temperatures start going up, so does everyone’s interest in installing solar. Everyone wants to harness the power of the sun!  Because of this, local installers get busier and installation times get longer in the summer. This can be a bit of a challenge when you are trying to plan ahead and save some money. Getting started early means that you won’t have to rush to evaluate proposals from various providers and review options. Going solar is a commitment that lasts for decades, so make sure that you give yourself enough time to make the choice that is best for you.

Residential Solar Installation

Once the decision to go solar is made, it does take some time.  It isn’t just a matter of running out and putting up some modules on your roof.  It can take a few weeks to design a system that is perfect for your needs, secure financing, and finally complete the installation and the activation with your utility company. Even if you start the process in spring or early summer, your new solar energy system may not be fully operational until later in the summer.

Additionally, a roof-mounted solar installation requires your roof to be in great condition. If the site visit finds that roof repairs are needed, then getting started early on your project ensures that there’s plenty of time to complete any repairs AND the solar array long before the temperatures start climbing and you need that A/C turned up full blast.

Planning your solar installation now will position you well for the immediate future, as well as the long term.  Now is the time to invest in something that will give you decades of savings.

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