FabMetals LED Lighting Retrofit

Client objectives

FabMetals, Inc. LED lighting retrofit.  FabMetals is one of the world’s most versatile, one-stop metal fabrication and assembly companies.  Founded in 1986 and utilizing the latest CAD/CAM Design and CNC manufacturing.

FabMetals, Inc. is committed to corporate cost saving measures while improving their work environment. Their objective was to find a quality lighting solution that could provide additional light while saving them money long term.

Our solutions

OGW Energy Resources was able to provide a unique solution with a 165 Watt LED High Bay bay fixture that performs well at their ceiling heights, saves energy, improved lighting and out performs antiquated HID technology.


  • 165 Watts compared to 400 Watts
  • 100,000 operating hours vs 24,000
  • Lighting electrical load cut by 2/3
  • 2 year payback

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