Electrical demand and overall kWh usage at Universities are among the nation’s largest energy consumer, especially when you look directly at a College’s lighting energy usage. These institutions can decrease their electrical lighting loads by up to 70% and realize high returns by incorporating LED lighting throughout their campus.

Energy Analysis Audit
One of the first steps in preparing for an LED lighting upgrade or LED lighting retrofit would be to take an in-depth look at the existing lighting. By comparing the existing energy vs. proposed LED lighting energy is where the hard savings are realized.

When lighting controls are incorporated with a LED lighting upgrade or LED lighting retrofit additional savings can be realized. Utilizing lighting controls does exactly what the words say. It controls the light based on the area and what type of control is needed. Some examples of these controls could be dimming, motion sensor, daylight harvesting, time clock etc. Lighting controls installed with LED lighting is typically one of the quickest solutions for lowering lighting energy demand.

Because certain facilities at Universities and Colleges are used at all hours of the day, makes these institutions a little different than your normal office building or warehouse. Another difference would be the many different types of LED lighting used across an educational facility along with the lighting color needed. Classroom lighting color temperature would be different than light used for lighting up an athletic arena.

A well designed LED lighting upgrade or LED lighting retrofit will last 10-15 years and will produce significant energy savings over this time period. LED lights normally have an estimated life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours which results in less maintenance than fluorescents or HID lighting.

Universities and Colleges can benefit throughout their campuses with a LED lighting solution that lowers their costs and improves their lighting. Each larger colleges like The Ohio State University that has many different Colleges within the institution would see a benefit at Student Centers, Dorm Rooms, Exterior Lighting, Walkway Lighting, Athletic Facilities, Classrooms, Science Labs, Offices, Landscape and so much more.

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