Did you know that LED’s are finally the right fiscal choice for most of the USA? Within the last 2 years LED Lighting manufacturers have dramatically improved the following on LED Fixtures and LED Lamps:

  • system longevity with the introduction of a 100,000 Hour LED Lamps
  • efficiency with increases in LPW (Lumens per Watt)
  • arc distribution with improved LED Luminaries, lamps and lens that fine tune the product to fit specific LED Lighting project applications
  • pricing with a near 60% reduction over this period
  • LED Lighting Retrofit Kits that can be integrated into more and more fixtures.

Now more than ever, when considering maintenance, quality and levelized costing LED Lighting provides the best overall value. Do you have multiple locations throughout the country? OGW Energy Resources is the preferred choice for a national account style project. If you would like to learn about the OGW Difference and phase in fiscally smart Solar, Lighting and/or Wind projects that will improve your bottom-line or if you would like to learn how we can reduce your lighting costs by 65% to 75%, please contact us at 937-506-8133 and let us know how we can serve you.

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