Mitsubishi Solar Modules Lowest Warranty Claims – Mitsubishi solar has warranty claims on their panels globally at a rate of four panels per million, which is really, really low. Compare that with U.S. made SolarWorld’s rate of 17 panels per million. This is four times the amount compared to Mitsubishi Solar.

Quality construction – All you have to do is touch and feel a Mitsubishi solar panel to see the quality. Anodized and clear-coated frame for rust proofing, support bars instead of adhesive, screws instead of clips, more bus bars, sealed and potted junction boxes – it is no wonder that their warranty claim rate is low.

The details – Mitsubishi solar does not skimp on the small things – water drainage channels to keep the panels cleaner, split cells for less on panel shading issues, and 100% lead-free solder. Translation: Mitsubishi solar modules are the best built in terms of quality construction in the market. If you would like more information about going solar, or need further clarity on Mitsubishi solar products please contact OGW Energy Resources at (937) 506-8133.

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