Last May, we posted about a project we had just finished for the Wallace family on their home near Delta, Ohio. The installation included a 4.68 kW array with 13 LG 360 watt solar modules, Enphase IQ7+ MicroInverters and smartphone monitoring. We were excited to hear from the Wallaces about the project.

Here’s what Tonia wrote: “We researched and got quotes from several different companies before deciding to hire OGW Energy Resources to install our grid-tied solar panel system. We went with them because they offer the very best equipment available and they get great reviews. We were not disappointed. They did a great job on the installation, were professional and were a really nice group of guys to work with. This month we got our first negative energy bill! Thanks for everything guys!” Just in case you missed it, she said “negative energy bill.” We love to hear those words. 


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