Please have a look at OGW Energy Resources recently published article that explains our unique take on sustainable environmental stewardship.

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Here’s an excerpt from the article: New distributive generation fees are creating ambiguity in the renewable market place, and certain utility companies are hurting the economic viability of wind and solar In Arizona, a $50 a month net metering charge is being added to future customers with rooftop solar arrays. In Indiana, HB 1320 will bring many new requirements for solar installers, as well as new interconnection costs, increased fixed utility fees, and revoking the retail rate from net metering. In Wisconsin, the same is happening, as fixed fees and demand charges for new solar installations continue to increase. In Utah, a new law was added in 2014 that allows utility companies to charge small renewable adopters extra fees to account for the costs associated with net metering programs. Read the full story.

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