Go solar, they said.

Save lots of money, they said.

No money down, no cost, even rebates, they said.

They even said, “We’ll pay you to go solar”.

Do you believe that?

One very big company, who consistently made those claims, is now out of business.  Their salesmen promised the world, but did not deliver.  They overquoted systems and took advantage of people, telling them they need all of these things and charged them a bunch of money.  Once the contract was signed, everything changed but hey save money go solar!

Roof Mount Go Solar

Your Energy. Your Future. CONTROL IT!

That is where OGW Energy Resources is different.

For one thing, we’ve been around the block.  Several times.  We’ve seen a thing or two in our time, as we are one of the oldest solar installers in the Midwest, being in business over 15 years.  We take care of it all, offering you a turnkey service using quality products, unlike marketing companies who contract out your solar array construction to the lowest bidder.  We are preferred installers for several high quality solar manufacturers.  And, we have never put a panel on a roof made by a company that has gone out of business.

When you talk to OGW Energy Resources, you talk to the actual people who will be working on your project, not some marketing company who will bid out your installation to the lowest bidder, who isn’t even located in your home state and has probably never even been out on a roof!

But why believe us?  Check out our reviews.  Our customers have spoken and we love what they have to say.

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