To improve financial savings without impacting the factory effeciences, the client wanted to implement the largest solar array at a recyling plant in the state of Ohio. The goal for the client was to peak demand savings each year and improve their overall energy consumption for the plant.

kWh Facts and Estimate:

2015 Facility kWh: 109,420
2016 Facility kWh: 117,874
Eddy Current Separator is estimated to add 11,000 kWh per year.
We are proud to offer our clients solutions that fit their needs while being fiscally responsible and maximizing their net cash flow — K. Mader, Vice President of OGW Energy Resources


Peak demand savings each year
Estimated 25 year energy savings $350,000 (previously projected at $310,000).
The array will offset approximately 50% of the facilities usage.
The array will offset approximately 50% of the facilities usage:

Environmental Benefit Estimates / Equivalent Each Year
13.6 tons of waste recycled Each Year
102,367 miles driven by family cars Each Year
45,578 pounds of cal burned Each Year
40+ acres of forest Each Year
47.1 tons of green house gas emissions Each Year

Modules are warranted to maintain at least 80% of its power output for 25 years. This is an important warranty that will ensure Environment Benefits for decades.

100% lead-free module manufactured is an ISO 14001 certified factory

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