Back up your solar electric system with battery storage solutions.  Go ahead and keep your emergency power on, even when your utility grid power goes out.

The power goes out often, but there is no reason it should happen to you.  Install a whole house battery backup for your solar electric system and keep your food from spoiling and keep your outlets / lights on.

The solar battery backup battery systems installed today are powerful, safe and smart to meet your home’s energy requirements.  Do you want to reduce your electricity costs and maximize your energy independence?

When you need solar battery backup you can rely on, let the experts at OGW Energy Resources engineer a solar electric system for your family.

Here’s how it works:
The battery stores energy from your solar array or from your utility company
The stored energy can be used, usually during peak times, to help power your home
During a power outage the battery can help power emergency items until utility power is back on

OGW Energy Resources is one of the oldest renewable energy companies in the Midwest.  With over 15 years of experience installing solar we are proud of our local heritage and five star google reviews.

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