Late spring of 2013, OGW was contacted by a local Ohio Pioneer Rural Electric customer who was considering solar electric PV at his Tipp City, Ohio residence.

Our first action was to set up an appointment to find out what the needs and wants as pertaining to energy and solar electric PV. Some of the questions asked were, how many kilowatt hours you would like to generate from a solar PV system, what is your actual budget, do you value quality products that will last during and historically beyond your warranty period. This ended up being the first of many meetings. After answering numerous questions, we found that the customer was quoted by another company for a 6 kilowatt system.

In the process of meeting this person he became a friend and a customer. OGW discovered that our friend also ran a business out of his house. We determined that his business qualified for modified accelerated depreciation (MACRS) as well as this year’s 50% bonus. We offered several financing options and met with the client’s account for his peace of mind.

With conceptual planning, a feasibility review, an accounting review, design & engineering, permitting and installation, the process took less than 5 weeks from the start of a signed contract to producing solar electric PV. Our customer is averaging 1,700 KWh the last 2 months, and his electric bill payment to Ohio Pioneer Rural Electric has been zero for each month.

The system is a 12.48kW array utilizing: Mitsubishi MLE 260W modules, two SolarEdge 6kW inverters, SolarEdge Optimizers for each module, DPW Power Rail racking and Eaton disconnects. With tax equity it is estimated that the client will be net positive cash-flow versus the grid within 4 years.

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