Spring is on the way, no matter what the groundhog says!  Every day now, we are getting more sunshine, longer daylight time.  Can you feel the sun’s rays getting stronger?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to use that solar energy? Imagine what that could do for your power bill!

There are lots of good reasons to harness the sun’s power.

Residential Solar

By going solar, you could

  • Reduce greenhouse gases and have a positive environmental impact
  • Help strengthen the power grid
  • Produce clean electricity
  • Have some obvious economic savings AND return on your investment
  • Enjoy the benefits of a 30% tax credit
  • Significantly reduce your dependence on the power company

By using solar to power your home, you can be less dependent on the grid AND save a significant amount of money on your power bills.

To find out how you can power your home with solar, or if you have any questions about putting a solar at your residence, please feel free to contact OGW Energy Resources.

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