OGW Energy Resources (OGW) analyzed solar and lighting applications for South Regency Tennis and Fitness Center (SRTFC).

OGW was commissioned by SRTFC to design and install a new tennis lighting solution for their tennis court areas. We just completed this successful project and improved playability by installing fixtures higher and off court, improved the light levels by 20 foot candles (Fc), maintained the integrity of the facility’s ceiling liner and improve energy efficiency.

For all our tennis center projects we provide turnkey service that includes engineering, design, 3D rendering, photometric layout, installation with first tier state of the art product and financing as needed.

At OGW, our core competencies are in solar, lighting, wind gas/electric procurement and working with you to provide integrated solution that’s the right fit.

It’s a good time to consider renewable and sustainable solutions due to subsidies and investment tax credits that are stackable with accelerated depreciation.

If you play tennis you will appreciate our tennis lighting solution at South Regency Tennis and Fitness Center.

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