The Ohio Controlling Board agreed to allocate an additional $9 Million to the Advanced Energy Fund, money that is expected to then be distributed as grants toward renewable energy projects.

The Advanced Energy Fund grants are worth as much as $200,000, and they have been so popular that the Ohio Department of Development announced earlier this month that it could no longer accept applications. Even with this influx of cash, the ODOD is not able to accept new applications, said Howard Tibbs, the Energy Policy and Outreach Manager for the ODOD.

But at least is now should be able to process the applications that were previously submitted and distribute grants for qualifying solar – and wind-energy projects.

“This money will go toward the existing pot,” Tibbs said.

The Ohio Controlling Board met Monday and approved the ODOD’s request for an additional $9 million for the Advanced Energy Fund.

The Fund’s grant program is scheduled to end December 31. There is some sentiment among the state legislature to push for an extension.

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