Mitsubishi Solar Modules Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has created a legacy of innovation and achievement in the field of electrical technology since their foundation in 1921. They manufacture or revolutionized just about anything that has electricity running through it.

As a large-scale manufacturer of electrical and electronic components and products, one with enormous ongoing research and development programs, Mitsubishi is making the breakthroughs that are leading the world towards a more energy-efficient future. Solar power is an integral part of this future.

Mitsubishi is a true pioneer in the solar electric field. This is because Mitsubishi has been working on the technology since the 1970s, when they made their first solar modules to provide power to satellites. If you can imagine how durable and reliable PV modules need to be to withstand the hot and cold extremes of outer space, you can get an idea of how well Mitsubishi solar modules work right here at home.

Mitsubishi Solar Modules reflect a proactive approach to environmental regulations, and the determination to supply outstanding environmentally-friendly products. As a large-scale manufacturer with a keen awareness of our responsibility to the environment, Mitsubishi Electric is committed to the development of cleaner, more efficient manufacturing methods, and actively takes a leadership role. For example, in January 2003 we became the first among Japanese crystalline silicon photovoltaic cell manufacturers to begin volume production of solder-less cells and modules with lead-free solder.

Lead-Free Solder Solar Panel
Mitsubishi Electric and their Mitsubishi Solar Modules has made a commitment to protect the environment. We are proud to be the first photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer to use lead-free solder in our modules. While traditional lead-solder modules use about 860 grams of lead, Mitsubishi Solar Modules have 0 grams of lead. Using newly developed silver electrodes that offer superior weatherproofing, Mitsubishi Electric has perfected a technology for producing photovoltaic cells that does not require solder coatings.

We’ve even achieved higher PV module conversion efficiency, taking advantage of the new product’s ability to more uniformly reflect the sun’s rays. Traditionally, lead-solder coating has been required to ensure that PV modules are weatherproof and remain moisture-resistant for years on end. By developing environmentally friendly composite materials and manufacturing processes for silver electrodes used on the surface of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, Mitsubishi Electric has succeeded in producing cells that do not require a solder coating

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