Sublette, Kansas–Erection was completed on the new wind generator at the Sublette High School in March 2009. Some of the fact regarding the installation The installation was done by Ohio Green Wind and Enertech. The turbine is a refurbished turbine Mitsubishi MWT 250 built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nagasaki, Japan.

The generator was refurbished by Enertech and had been operating in a wind farm in the high Mojave Desert. The system rated power is 250 Kilowatts in a 28.5 MPH wind. The rotor has 3 blades that are each 41 feet 3 inches long and made of fiberglass. Each blade weighs 2200 lbs. Nacelle contains the main gearbox, generator and hydraulic system. The gearbox increases the rotor speed of 48 RPM to an output shaft rotation of 1800 RPM for the conversion of the kinetic energy into electric energy in the generator.

The generator produces 480 volt, 3-phase, 60-cycle electricity. The total weight of the Nacelle is 32,000 lbs. The tower is 100 feet tall to the center of the hub giving the blades a ground clearance of 54 feet. The base of the tower measures 10 feet 6 Inches. It is anchored securely to a foundation of steel reinforcement and over 120 yards of concrete that was cured more than a month before the tower was erected. The foundation is designed to be capable of withstanding a maximum wind speed of 134 MPH.

The electricity that is produced by the wind generator is fed into the school on the school’s side of the utility meter. So in effect, the electricity that is produced saves the school from having to purchase that amount from the utility company. The utility company purchases any energy we overproduce during times of our low energy usage at a wholesale rate providing the energy is of a compatible quality.

Kevin Mader, Vice President of Ohio Green Wind stated that, “Enertech truly does the best refurbished work in wind turbines; on this particular installation they improved the breaking system, hydraulics and PLC.” Ohio Green Wind is an Enertech Distributor for the Midwest.

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