The benefits of OGW Energy Resources (OGW) are being found both near and far by homeowners as well as businesses who are looking to gain more energy independence, lower their energy bill, or use a more green source of power. Based in Tipp City, Ohio, OGW is spreading its positive energy throughout the country.

“We’re a small town company with a large presence all across the U.S,” said Kevin Mader, part owner of OGW along with Michael Flora and Ray Davis.

OGW offers sales, distribution, installation and service of renewable energy solutions throughout the Midwest and beyond. Over 75 dealers & installers in 14 different states provide clients with proven field tested equipment to create alternative energy. Their offerings include solutions through wind, solar, fuel cells, lighting, back-up power generators and geothermal heating & air.

The company began operating in 2007 and, in March of last year, combined their satellite offices into one location at 5126 S. County Rd. 25A. To be in Tipp City is meaningful for the trio of owners, especially Mader and Flora who were raised in, and still reside in, the community.

“We all felt like we wanted to give something back to Tipp City after all it has given to us through the years,” said Mader, a 1987 graduate of Tippecanoe High School. He used to watch Flora, class of 1983, play sports, which is how their friendship was formed.

The gymnasium lighting at both Nevin Coppock Elementary and L.T. Ball Intermediate schools was supplied by Flora who was previously in electrical sales. The new lighting in the Middle School was supplied by OGW. As a distribution and manufacturer’s rep partner, OGW has been behind the scenes on many Midwestern renewable energy projects.

OGW is the first renewable energy distribution company to have a national account with Philips Lighting and one of three North American distributors of Proven Energy products. Offered are a variety of turbines: electric generators that utilize wind energy to produce clean, emission-free power for places such as homes, farms and small businesses. The turbines allow individuals to generate their own power and cut their energy bills while also helping to protect the environment.

“Energy costs only keep going up. They are not going down. Lots of consumers want to be self sufficient with a generator or another of our products,” said Flora.

Committed to serving at a high level of professionalism, OGW provides all engineering, materials, and labor to complete the customer’s alternative energy project. First, a site survey is done for a minimal fee to assess the location and engineer the best suitable green technology solution.

The staff of OGW always keeps in mind the affordability for the client and works to stay within their budget.

Working with their dealers during the proposal and installation process, OGW will answer any questions that may arise. “We strive to build strong relationships with our clients, believing that if we treat them well, we’ll be given the same treatment in return,” said Flora.

After the installation, many products often require a follow-up visit, which is made easy by OGW largely dealing with the Midwest states. Unlike many of their competitors based in the West, they can be readily available when called by a client.

“We’re here to help our customers (dealers) from start to finish, which in many cases requires our team to be onsite, which adds value. Concentrating on the Midwest allows OGW to offer immediate service that others fail to provide,” said Mader.

For more information on how to reap the benefits of renewable energy technology from OGW, visit www.ogwenergyresources.com.


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